With issues surrounding children, we try to encourage agreement as soon as possible in order to avoid stress to the carers and to the children. We pride ourselves in ensuring all the work in undertaken in a civil manner.  The following orders may be made through the courts, to ensure you achieve an amicable outcome that is best for you and your children.

Child Arrangements Order
A Child Arrangements Order is defined as an Order regulating the arrangements relating to
1.    with whom a child should live, spend time or otherwise have contact;
2.    or when a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with any person.
Other types of contact might include indirect contact by way of phone calls, webcam and letters.

Parental Responsibility Agreements 
‘Parental Responsibility is the authority a parent has in relation to the child and the child’s property. Married parents automatically have joint parental responsibility.

Here at Hattin Solicitors, we understand it is a struggle for a father in the case where he is not married to the mother and he is not named as the father on the birth certificate to acquire parental responsibility. We recognise the rights a father holds and strive to help fathers.’

Prohibited Steps Order
A parent can apply to the Family Court for a Prohibited Steps Order in order to prevent the other parent who has parental responsibility from carrying out something they disagree with. This may be something related to:
– Place of residence
– Holiday
– Medical treatment
– Religion
– Surename
Any parent, guardian or holder of a residence order in relation to a child can make an application for a Prohibited Steps Order.